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Promoted to the Championship

The swcomms Band has been promoted to the Championship section

The swcomms Band is pleased to announce that following our results at the West of England Brass Band Association Regionals on Saturday, March 9th, we have been promoted to the Championship section. This is a great achievement for the band, making us the first ever Devon Championship section band.

Of course, this could not have been achieved without the support and dedication of countless people, not least players past and present.

We must also recognise the contribution of musical directors past and present. The most recent journey started 20 odd years ago by Charlie Fleming, who took the band from the 4th section to the 1st section. It is fitting therefore that Charlie was on stage with us playing percussion.

We have also recently had guidance from a number of friends including Phillip Harper, Steve Sykes, Sam Hairsine and Matt Green.

The musical direction of Chris Spreadbury is where most of the credit must fall, and it is a shame that this should be taken as the formal announcement that the regionals was Chris’s last engagement with us as musical director. We would like to truly thank him and offer him the best of wishes for his new life in London.

Finally, as ever, we must thank our generous sponsors swomms. Their continued support puts us in a very privileged position. We really could not exist as we do without it.

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